Sunday, November 3, 2013

Craft Shows 2013

Finally!  I've wanted to participate as a vendor at a craft show and I've finally had the opportunity to do that.  The first show was at Allen County Fair grounds the last week of October and the second was at St. Charles Catholic School yesterday, November 1st.  I had fun creating the cards, magnets, notebooks and explosion boxes.  I definately didn't get rich and definately have to keep my day job but am thankful for the opportunity to try something new.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to actually attend the first craft show since it fell on the same date as a conference I was required to attend for work.  Since I was splitting the table with my mother-in-law she was gracious enough to sell my items for me.  I sold only a few things and wouldn't have been able to cover the cost of the table by myself.  To my surprise the photo explosion boxes were a top seller.  I had attempted to sell these on Etsy a couple of years ago with no luck so I didn't have high hopes for them at the craft fair.  The magnets were also a big seller but that wasn't a surprise since they were a low cost item.

For the second craft fair my friend, Beth, was able to join me and brought cards and post-it-note holders to sell.  It was extra fun to have her there since she brought her adorable two week old baby with her.  My mother-in-law also split the table with us.  For this show I made a few more explosion boxes and some large magnets.  The explosion boxes sold out!  I did a lot better at this show but again not enough to get rich. 

Check out the picture of our table.  I used dollar store wrapping paper and covered some empty boxes in order to create height and more space to display the stuff. 

I would definately like to try another craft show as long as the cost for a table isn't too much.  It's not a good way to make a lot of money but it is enjoyable and provides an outlet for creativity.

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